Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving onto Brewery 2.0!!

Hey Everyone!
We at Gilligan's Brewing Co. are very excited to let you know that we've begun developing a plan to get our next brewery up and running sometime in 2010! We hope to open by the summer, but know that we have ALOT of work to do in order to see that goal come to fruition. However, we are all very dedicated to this endeavor and want to share our beer with you again soon! We had so much fun with you down on the BGT and want to continue developing that relationship and sense of community.
We'll keep you posted with developments as they come through and I really want to keep this blog up to date to generate discussion as to what YOU want to see in YOUR next favorite brewery;) I've been thinking a lot about the restaurant portion of the brewery and I'm going to come back soon with some questions of you to spark this conversation. Remember, this is your brewery too, and we want you to have a voice because it is your support that is ultimately going to help this brewery succeed.
Thank you all once again for spending your time with us in the past and we can't wait to be drinking a pint with you in the future!!!! Cheers,
the gang at gilligan's


Dinkel said...

If you brew it, we will come.

spuddybuddy said...

That's fantastic news. I wish you best of luck in your endeavors. I will definitely be coming back with some empty growlers!

For the restaurant portion, brewpub menus seem to trend towards the same dishes ... nachos, burgers, fish and chips ... thinking outside the box with the menu could set you apart. Think of what sorts of flavors would pair well with the beer. Of course use locally grown/sourced ingredients whenever possible to maximize freshness and make it a truly Seattle/Northwest experience.

Brian said...

I'm sorry I missed it! I once had an office in the ActivSpace Bldg. I would have been a regular if you'd been there when I was there. And now that I hear about your brewery, you've already moved on!

The beers sound great. As for restaurant fare, Northwesty fresh would be welcome - salmon, for example. Fresh ingredients, well-prepared with a little innovation, small plates, reasonable prices... I suppose 'gastro-pub' is the term for it these days (but it sounds like a disease).

Best of luck!

Betty Revere said...

This isn't a brewery, but it is a great beer restaurant in Atlanta. The food is simple and delicious. Also, do you offer beer tastings?

Atlanta Brewing Company (ABC) and Sweetwater do and they are very popular. I go at least once a month and on Fridays there is always music. Advertise with the college kids.

Here are there sites:

Next time I am in Seattle, I am stopping by. It is a great idea!!!

Hope all is well,
Kelly-Jean Erwin

Fawn M. Ellis said...


I just stumbled upon your brewery as I searched for cool places to do a wedding celebration off the burke gilman. My Fiance and I were like "holy crap this is perfect! we love beer, we met at Bike Kill in brooklyn and these guys are crazy bike loving people like us!.. Lets do a block party with them" We have been trying to figure out a way to work a bike ride/precession into the whole wedding thing and we would have loved to end it at your place. It is a bummer you are not running any longer.

Any plans to reopen somewhere along or just off the burke at the end of June 2010?

Martron said...

I would say, If you could do some food, It would be a boon to your brewery. Good food + good beer.
Eating food while drinking is also a good idea.

I used to work at the Kona Brewing Company's pizza kitchen. Some people came for the food, stayed for the beer, Or my dad came for the beer, and stayed for the food, then stayed some more for some more beer.

Im amazed at what you guys where able to do in that small space.

Marcus said...

Seth, Don't know if you all have found a space yet, but there is an empty building on 45th and Phinney that is begging to be turned into something amazing!
Can't wait till you all are able to open again; it will be the best brewery in town on day 1. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

What is the progress? I understand you sold the equipment to Collin at Pack Brewing but that is the last i had heard. Best of luck.