Saturday, April 25, 2009

04-25-09 Update

Hey everyone. Just wanted to put up a quick post... so recently we were on King5 news and I want to thank Eric for contacting us and doing the story on nano-breweries. Unfortunately, the owner of ActivSpace saw this and wants us out now. I'm really not sure why exactly and I'm hoping to talk to them about it but it's been a bit of challenge trying to setup a meeting with one of the owners. So... we pulled down any hours that we had posted on the calendar until this gets sorted out. Hopefully it won't come to this but if it does... we'll be closing the doors in the next month or so. Regardless of how this turns out, I really appreciate all of the help that we've had along the way and I hope people don't view this as wasted time. Not sure what will happen next but we wouldn't have made it this far without your help. Thanks again.
Here's the news story if you're interested: