Sunday, March 30, 2008

Inaugral Brew Pictures


Scott said...

Hey, pal! It's Scott Willey... CONGRATS on the brewery! kevin and Kyle came into my bar last week and told me about your brewery. I am managing the Manny Brown's at Neshaminy Mall and you'd be happy to know that I carry 90 bottles and 24 taps. I also just held a beer tasting, and it went AWESOME...we plan on doing many more. I am also working for a design firm called Inverse Paradox. The CEO of Inverse Paradox, and myself, for the love of beer, opened up a new portfolio called BrewStudio, which handles websites and design work for restaurants, breweries, brew pubs...and we have some awesome clients. We handle Ale Street News' website, The Ginger Man in NY, Manny Brown's (of course) and Hank's Beverages, and have a few in the works. It's a shame we haven't talked in a while, but I'd love to offer my services in designing a website or even networking with Ale Street News to increase your business. Send me an e-mail at so we can catch up. I don't want to leave my phone number on here, so if you do send me an e-mail, give me your number so I can call you and catch up. Check us out at Best of luck Seth, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Yuri said...

How did you guys find a storage room with power and more interestingly, water? Impressive. We might very well be getting the same start and I'd love to know how you found such a location.